Nicole Valenti


Nicole Valenti is an Italian artist and designer. She was born in 1984 in Bolzano. After graduating from the Florence Accademy of Fine Arts, she discovers a true and genuine passion for interior design which she combines with her love for art. Nicole begins to experiment, participating in several interior design and renovation projects. She also starts her research on shamanism, which takes her around the world, discovering new places and cultures.

In 2016, together with sculptor Jacopo Candotti, she lauched her own NJ interiors brand: a new voyage through a world of objects that come from “elsewhere”. The flagship NJ interiors collection of handles and knobs is conceived as series of “functional sculptures”, therefore as jewels that are entirely made in Italy. Nicole’s creations are the result of a systemic quest for a balance between design and mysticism, through the use of traditional craft techniques: creating magnetic and sensorial objects which combine decorative exuberance with functionality. The collections are inspired by different worlds, from nature to archetypal motifs as well as essential geometrics that give shape to unique and mysterious items.